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What is a Sell-Leaseback?

Homeowners use our Sell & Leaseback program to access their home equity when they can’t qualify for traditional loans. With it, they can pay down debt, gain time or fund their next goal. It’s a new alternative for clients and can help you grow your business.

Why work with sell2rent
Why Work With Sell2Rent?

• Assist your clients with a needed service

• Increase your referral business with our new tech platform 

• Compete in your market with a new alternative to loans

• Hand off clients to a full-service team

What Types of Properties?

We focus exclusively on:

Single Family Homes
Single Family Homes


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“We Are a Team Committed to Helping Homeowners with a New Alternative.”
Using the power of a national tech platform to give homeowners the newest option in real estate.
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Frequently Asked Questions About

Clients facing life events or financial distress have complex situations for which the Sell & Leaseback program may be the best answer. With it, they can access their home equity, sell their homes and rent them back without moving their families. Our service is based on a powerful tech platform, backed by personal service.
Our buyers are investors looking to acquire single family homes as investments.We partner with all types of investors, from individuals to corporate investors. S2R operates as the platform that connects homeowners who wish to sell and lease it back with investors who wish to buy.
We work across the US and focus exclusively on single-family homes and townhomes that are occupied by the homeowner. We don’t work with condominiums, mobile homes, commercial property or land at this time.
No. Partners do not pay to use our platform.