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Sell2Rent® Helps You Sell Your House

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What is Leaseback ?

“ Leasebacks can help homeowners in financial distress, those going through divorce, victims of job lay-offs, and even opportunistic sellers looking to sell in a strong market. ”


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Homeownership Costs

Owning your house comes with a series of financial responsibilities and commitments. Repairs, renovations, and general costs related to homeownership can lead to financial trouble. Our model allows you to stay in the same house avoiding those expensive costs.

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Purchase A New Home

Our leaseback model will allow you to cash out the equity and without any rush plan the purchase of your next home. You will not have to move until you find the house you are looking for. It is also an ideal scenario for families or individuals who are relocating.

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Divorce Or Separation

We understand how hard it is to go through separation or divorce. Our program provides a solution that will allow couples to cash out their equity after selling the house and guarantee that families will not be required to move away from the place they love.

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Cash-Flow Generation

Sometimes liquidity problems happen. Our model allows you to cash out your equity, gain liquidity and keep or use your cash as needed. Remember we are also open to BUY BACK programs that will allow you to buy your house back

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Pay Off Your Debt

Paying off your debt is a milestone for a new beginning. By cashing out your equity and paying off your debt, you will be able to improve your financial situation and start planning for new life-changing opportunities.

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Life Changing Situations

Unexpectedly life may throw us a “curveball”. Luckily all your effort building enough equity on your house could be the solution to a life-changing situation. Our model will allow you to face that situation while staying at the place you call home. Our Buy Back model will also allow you to re-purchase your property once you get back on your feet.

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Education Costs

There is nothing more important in life than education. Many times college costs become a relevant issue in our lives. Our program allows you to finance your education while preserving your lifestyle.

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A business opportunity can arise when our financial situation is not the best. If you have capital, after the sale of your property, you will have the possibility to invest in your business, while you continue to live at home.

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Start A Business

It is common that business opportunities come when our financial situations are not the best. Luckily if you have equity on your property we can help you start your business by cashing you out and allowing you to stay as a renter.


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Advantages of a Leaseback

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Extremely Convenient

We tailor the closing process around your schedule. Once the inspection has been completed and price and terms have been agreed upon, we give you the option to pick the closing date.


You receive personalized service from a professional agent. From start to finish, you will be dealing with the same individual who will guide you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in being very transparent.

Stay Home

Cash out of your home while continuing to live in it. Before closing, you will have a signed lease.

Save Money

No need to continue paying or dealing with HOA fees, property taxes, insurance, a mortgage, or maintenance issues.

Faster Way To Sell

Avoid costs and headaches associated with marketing, showings, staging your home, renovations, and long waiting periods to sell your house

Keep Your Life Style

Keep your kids in the same school district and avoid expensive moving companies, storage payments, furnishing, decorating, or moving into a new place.

In Case You Don't Want to Stay

The program is designed to provide homeowners a cash sale of their property without staying as renters.

Request A Formal Offer

Submit an online form or talk to our homeowner's advocates to request a formal offer for your property.

Complete Your Profile

Provide us with the property information and pictures,and complete your personal and financial profile.

We Match You With The Right Buyer

Using our propietary algorithm, the system will identify several investors and will provide them the investment opportunity until the best offer is identified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential homes (Single Family Houses and Townhomes), including houses in residential gated communities. Homes that are occupied by their owners.
Investors, not Sell2Rent® , determine the value of your home. This is based on the information you provided about the condition of your home , market rents and comparable home sales. Investors will analyze the market data in order to determine the highest possible, no-hassle cash offer.
There is no transition. The same day that you sell your house you will become a renter. The transition from homeowner to tenant is automatic, and you will never be required to leave your home.
If you are represented by a real estate agent, the law requires we communicate the offer directly to that agent. The fees required to pay your realtor’s commission will be deducted from your proceeds at closing. Once you reach out to us, please make sure you communicate that you are currently working with an agent