Move On, Not Out

Sell your house and stay at home with the new alternative to equity loans: the Sell-Leaseback program from Sell2Rent.

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Feeling House Rich and Cash Poor?

You're not alone. And while interest rates get higher and loan restrictions tighter, you're left with fewer options to access your home equity. But unlike loans and reverse mortgages, our sell-leaseback program can deliver on your equity in less time and with less effort.

What's the Catch?

There's no catch. We find investors in our network who want to buy your home and they're happy to let you rent it back. You stay home with cash equity and life gets easier while you rent.

You Benefit From:

Benefits of a leaseback

The Sell2Rent Advantage

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Easy to Work With
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Get More Offers
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Custom Contracts
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Faster Sale
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High Discretion
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Save Money
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Stay in Your Home

Sell & Move Out Program

Designed for homeowners who want to cash in on their home equity and move out right away.
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Request Offers

Click "Get Started" and send us your information. You can also call us at 1-800-954-6373.

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Complete Your Profile

Send in your property information with photos and complete your personal and financial profile.

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Time For a Buyer Match

Using our proprietary platform, we'll identify home-buying investors within our network and will promote your property until we've received the best offers.

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Sign the Sale Agreement

Once you agree to the terms of the sale, we'll prepare all the necessary documents for a successful sale.

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Cash Out & Move Out

I'll be hard to say goodbye, but we'll ensure you've had a good experience as you close and walk away with cash equity in hand.

Working With Homeowners Across the Country

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“We Are Committed to Helping Homeowners with a New Alternative.”
Using the power of a national tech platform to give homeowners the newest option in real estate.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Sell-Leasebacks

A sell-leaseback is an alternative to traditional loans and reverse mortgages. With it, you can sell your home, receive cash at closing and continue living at home under a rental agreement. You'll essentially sell and stay home.
Sell2Rent charges a transaction fee that is typically lower than traditional real estate agent commissions. The exact fee may vary based on the specifics of the transaction.
Yes, Sell2Rent buys properties in any condition, including those that require repairs or renovations.
Sell2Rent is a real estate company that specializes in sell-leaseback transactions. Homeowners sell their property to an investor and then lease it back, allowing them to access their home's equity without having to move out.
Sell2Rent offers a more flexible and less stressful option for selling your home. You can access your home's equity without having to move out.
Yes, Sell2Rent can work with properties that have tenants in place.
Sell2Rent uses a variety of data sources and tools to determine the market value of your property, and the valuation is typically very accurate.
Sell2Rent will typically make an estimated offer within 24-48 hours of receiving all necessary information and conducting an evaluation of the property. Then, Sell2Rent will find investors for your property.