How Smart Homeowners Access Their Equity.
No Loans. No Debt.

Sell your house, cash out, and stay as a renter.
It's the new sell-leaseback option with no BS.
happy family leaseback program

High Home Equity, But Little Savings or Credit.
Sound Familiar?

Now, you can use your home equity to reset your finances and stay in your home. It's possible with the sell-leaseback program from Sell2Rent.
With it, you sell your home, then rent it back for an agreed time.

You will no longer feel the...

do not Borrow at High Interest Rate
Pressure to borrow at high rates to access your equity.
Not worried for bad Quality of loans
Stress of jumping through hoops to quality for loans.
Not Worried about deadlines
Worry about payment deadlines and tough choices.
No Rush to move right away
Rush to move right away.

Who Uses Sell2Rent?

Homeowners nationwide use our programs to:

Unfortunately, cash flow problems happen and can snowball quickly.
A sell-leaseback offers the cash needed to:

sofa in a house

Pay off debt or a mortgage

money and a credit card

Pay credit card debt or student loan

old key over a website representing banrkupcy

Avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure

checkmark ribbon sell2rent

Improve your credit profile

Recovering from a major life event is hard enough without the financial pressures involved. Customers have used sell-leasebacks to help with:

divorce or separation

Divorce or separation

medical bills payment

Medical bills or debt

loss of job income

Loss of job income

Customers use the valuable equity in their homes to protect their wealth and assets. It can:

secure retirement with a leaseback

Source a comfortable retirement

secure against market shifts

Hedge against housing market shifts

imporove lifestyle with a leaseback

Improve flexibility or lifestyle

Fund a new opportunities without getting a loan. Customers have used their home equity to:

new house with the cash from a leaseback

Buy or build a new home with no rush to move

pay for education with a leaseback

Pay for higher education

diversify investments with a leaseback

Diversify investments

start a new business after cashing out

Start a new business

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For Homeowners Who Need Equity
With Less Headaches

Sell and Leaseback Program
To Continue Enjoying Your Home

Sell your home and rent it back while you get the cash you need to move forward. We'll match you with home-buying investors for a cash offer and will help manage the details, so you can rent with ease.

Sell and Move out program from sell2rent
New Home or New Opportunities
Sell & Move Out

Transfer your home equity into an opportunity to sell and move out. We'll match you with home-buying investors in your area to get you the best offers. So you can get the funds you need to bid on your next home.

What Others Are Saying

"Very patient and understanding with us as this was a huge decision. Their team made the entire process so much easier than I imagined in my head!"

Joshua Johnston

For Partners

Help us serve homeowners around the country, while you grow your business.

Real estate agents partner program

Are You a Real Estate Agent?

Help Homeowners Sell & Stay as a Sell2Rent Partner

Stand out in your market with sell-leaseback offerings that give your clients more flexibility.

Real estate investors partner program

Are You a Real Estate Investor?

Find the Right Investment as a Sell2Rent Partner

Find the best fit for your investment goals while working with homeowners who want to sell and stay.

What Types of Properties?

We focus exclusively on:

Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes